With our hydroponic garden you’ll be eating your home-grown fresh veggies in a couple of months

MyGarden™ is a new lightweight, easy to assemble and cinch to operate hydroponic garden. MyGarden™ is a family owned self-perfected home hydroponics system for growing your very own fresh, organic vegetables, and herbs in the backyard, on the balcony, or in the garage using our indoor LED lighted or outdoor solar models.

MyGarden™ grows 25 plants simultaneously. With proper rotation it will provide you with fresh farm-to-table nutrition each and every day! Most home hydroponic systems on the market today are cheaply constructed toys growing only 4 small or one large plant making them less than a garden and very impractical for any type of real life consumption.


Be conscious of what goes in your body, markets are full of products that cut corners for high crop yields at the risk to your health. Purchase a MyGarden™ and enjoy home-grown crops that are truly clean and fresh.

Dr. Henry Robitaille (Hank)

Henry Robitaille PH.D owner of KoolSci, Inc. is a senior advisor to Global Trade and Technology, and a consultant in science communication and education. He is a past associate professor at both Oklahoma State and Purdue Universities, adjunct professor at both Universities of Florida and Arizona, visiting scientist with USAID working with poor Brazilian farmers, and general manager of Epcot Science including the Land Pavilion at the Walt Disney World Resort. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including Fellow, American Society for Horticultural Science, and Distinguished Alumnus 1991, Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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